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B.E graduate in Electronics and communication Engineering.Worked as a lecturer for some time, Later went on to do MTech in VLSI at Jain University, Banglore India, now studying my second Master's Degree in Engineering Technology at University of North Texas, Texas, USA. Enthusiastic towards life and its ways.Trying to view life optimistically, accepting challenges and looking forward to new turns and returns.Compassionate towards all animals except man.
Believer of God and Good.Poetry for me is just an outlet to my thoughts.....i feel good when people who read my poems identify themselves in any of the lines.

I have brought out my first poems book called
'Letters From the heart'

Publisher: leadstart publishing
imprint: Virgin Leaf Books

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My first book is a collection of my free verse called
Which has come out recently and will be available on
the net and marketed all over
Leadstart Publishing House
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Between Cradle And Grave

Life in all its Luring beauty,
Dreams at their tempting best,
hopes of reaching high for stars,
carried away in this endless quest.

From the arms of affection
to the embrace of death,
Transition comes with every breath,
and i count the days lost and left.