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Seema Chowdhury Poems

961. Why God Made Little Danny 10/20/2008
962. Why God Made Dear Uzair 10/20/2008
963. A Sincere Good Luck 10/20/2008
964. We Miss You Sweety 10/20/2008
965. Specially On Eid 10/20/2008
966. Good Luck Prince Daniel 10/21/2008
967. Get Well Sweet Heart 10/21/2008
968. Missing You Friend 10/21/2008
969. What To Look For 10/21/2008
970. How I Wrote My First Poem 10/21/2008
971. Searching For A Friend 10/21/2008
972. Sweet Memories 10/21/2008
973. Silent Thoughts 10/21/2008
974. Last And Lost Chance 10/21/2008
975. Just Have Determination 10/21/2008
976. Goodbye Shakeel Bhai 10/21/2008
977. An Angelic Pair 10/21/2008
978. Learn To Trust 10/21/2008
979. Love Of My Life 10/22/2008
980. The Pearls Of Wisdom 10/22/2008
981. What Is A Mother's Love 10/22/2008
982. The World Of Unknown Peace 10/22/2008
983. The Wheel Of Past 10/22/2008
984. Supposing Tomorrow 10/22/2008
985. A Thank You Message 10/22/2008
986. Happy Valentine's Day 10/22/2008
987. Lets Search For Our Ways 10/22/2008
988. I Don'T Want To Face The Reality 10/22/2008
989. A Bundle Of Good Wishes 10/23/2008
990. See What Luck Can Bring 10/23/2008
991. A Word Truth 10/26/2008
992. What Do I Wish 10/26/2008
993. Look Only To God For Help 10/26/2008
994. The Long Road And Me 10/26/2008
995. This Is Faith... 10/26/2008
996. God's Fixed Law 10/26/2008
997. A Special Magic 10/26/2008
998. My Firm Belief 10/23/2008
999. Look For The Best In Every Day 10/26/2008
1000. The Silent Screams 10/26/2008
Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

Girls Are Like Roses....

God made this beautiful gift
Known as Girls my dear
Who should be dealt with
Lots of affection and care

For they are like roses
That bloom in our lives
To spread love's fragrance
On this earth where we survive

And with their delicate petals
They spread and attract
All happiness in this world
And that is a lovely fact

And they are like butterflies
With whom we love to play
And decorate our homes with
These fancy gifts I say

And I'm really grateful to God
For giving me His special gift
To color my life's lively leaves
And ...

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All Knowing God

Believe in the unseen
Have faith in your God
Who loves you no doubt
In phases even and odd

And He is there for you
And He breaks the seal
And uncovers the hidden truth
Before your eyes in deals

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