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2281. Always Dream Big 5/12/2015
2282. Life's A Celebration 5/12/2015
2283. It Is Your Moment 5/12/2015
2284. Sing For Joy 5/12/2015
2285. God's Love And Mercy 5/12/2015
2286. Vivid Spring Light 5/12/2015
2287. Young Hope Of Spring 5/12/2015
2288. Spring Is Special 5/12/2015
2289. Celebrate Spring 5/12/2015
2290. Limitless Happiness Of Spring 5/12/2015
2291. I Will Wait Right Here For You 5/12/2015
2292. Feel The Moment 5/12/2015
2293. Memories Of Snowfall 5/12/2015
2294. Snowfall Magic 5/12/2015
2295. Like A Storybook Scene 5/12/2015
2296. God's Guidance 5/12/2015
2297. With A Hope Of Another Day 5/12/2015
2298. A Promise Of Care 5/12/2015
2299. Bits And Pieces 5/12/2015
2300. Twists And Turns 5/12/2015
2301. Life Is Worth Playing 5/12/2015
2302. Opening Statement 5/12/2015
2303. You Can Make A Difference 5/12/2015
2304. Life's Letter 5/12/2015
2305. The Walk Of Faith 5/12/2015
2306. Take Incremental Steps 5/12/2015
2307. I Wonder Again 5/12/2015
2308. A Playful Breeze 5/12/2015
2309. In The Wishing Well 5/12/2015
2310. A Comforting Thought 5/12/2015
2311. Liven Up Life’s Moments 5/14/2015
2312. The Secret 5/14/2015
2313. Look Deep Within Yourself 5/16/2015
2314. God Helps Us To Go On 5/16/2015
2315. Happy Birthday Beloved Sarah 5/25/2015
2316. My Own Life's Quotes To Live By - May 6/6/2015
2317. Flowers Of Faith 6/6/2015
2318. There's So Much To Smile About 6/6/2015
2319. Turn The Page 6/15/2015
2320. A Dose Of Reality 6/15/2015
Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

The Magical Spell Of Spring

Love and laughter
Whispers and smiles
Gifts of kindness
All spread for a while

Dancing leaves and flowers
Spreading its scented spell
As Spring is here again
With its magical dwell

Smiling sun and moon
Spreading the music of life
With bright colors of love
Flowing smoothly to survive

Where sunshine brings hope
With warm memories of spring
And touch the day with a smile
To brighten everything

Where colors play with magic
And show us a beginning new
That brings with it for all
Joy and pleasure true

For Spring is here...

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A Way To Get To Peace

If you think you're afflicted with trouble and pain
And you feel that you're stuck in that chain
And don't know a better way to gain
A way out of the troubles which pour like rain

So there instead of feeling gloomy and sad
And inside of you feeling gloomy and mad
you should think of things that'll make you glad
And can bring you peace to change all bad

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