Seema Chowdhury

Seema Chowdhury Poems

2401. Desire 'N Despair 7/1/2008
2402. Dale Of Sorrow 7/1/2008
2403. Age Of Sorrow 6/30/2008
2404. Life's Black Board 6/27/2008
2405. Finished Words 6/27/2008
2406. Fairytale's World 6/26/2008
2407. The Moment 6/23/2008
2408. Hard Moments 6/23/2008
2409. Gift Of Heaven 6/23/2008
2410. High Hopes 6/18/2008
2411. Do Not Worry 4/29/2008
2412. Hear God Speaking 4/6/2008
2413. Avoid Road Blocks 4/28/2008
2414. Happy Birthday Ami 4/27/2008
2415. Pour Love 4/23/2008
2416. City Of Hope 4/6/2008
2417. Follow God's Track 4/14/2008
2418. Hidden In Darkness 4/5/2008
2419. Search For Peace 3/26/2008
2420. Rules Of The Road 3/23/2008
2421. A Sweet Surprise 3/10/2008
2422. Vicious Circle Of Agony 3/11/2008
2423. With Love For Danny 3/8/2008
2424. The Balm Of A Smile 3/8/2008
2425. The Master Planner 3/5/2008
2426. All I Need To Know 2/25/2008
2427. The Moment That Is Gone 2/19/2008
2428. The Gem Of Friendship 2/19/2008
2429. Thanks For Being You-Sunny 2/17/2008
2430. Times Are Tough 2/10/2008
2431. Words Of Wonder 2/10/2008
2432. A String Of Pearls 2/5/2008
2433. Little Things Mean Alot 1/30/2008
2434. I'Ll Miss You Dad 11/27/2007
2435. Companionship 11/21/2007
2436. Love You Kids 11/20/2007
2437. Marriage 11/14/2007
2438. Life Goes On 11/11/2007
2439. Keep Your Words 11/7/2007
2440. I'M Misunderstood 10/21/2006

Comments about Seema Chowdhury

  • Musical Notes (5/15/2013 9:30:00 AM)

    Your positivity is amazing and contagious..! ! I like the use of simple words and yet very convincing the emotions you wants to convey...! !

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    0 person did not like.
  • Uttra Devi (vidousha) Boodan (2/14/2012 2:06:00 PM)

    Thank you for your appreciation. Your poems are of great quality.2658 poems, that's a lot :) Keep up your enthusiasm and work.

  • Hari Kunisseri (10/22/2009 6:57:00 AM)

    nice flow.. capturing the change....

  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (9/25/2008 3:25:00 AM)

    Both in quantity and quality your poems are unique!

  • Samia Chowdhury (6/27/2008 4:26:00 PM)

    this is a very good poem..


Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

Girls Are Like Roses....

God made this beautiful gift
Known as Girls my dear
Who should be dealt with
Lots of affection and care

For they are like roses
That bloom in our lives
To spread love's fragrance
On this earth where we survive

And with their delicate petals
They spread and attract
All happiness in this world
And that is a lovely fact

And they are like butterflies
With whom we love to play
And decorate our homes with
These fancy gifts I say

And I'm really grateful to God
For giving me His special gift
To color my life's lively leaves
And ...

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A Prayer From Lord

Lord give me your love and peace of mind
Show me your path that is nice and kind
Because today i'm leaving all decisions on you
As you're the surest guide in my view

For me all doors are blocked right now
I don't know what, where and how
But candles of hope are dying down
And mistrust is ready to wear the crown

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