Seema Chowdhury

Seema Chowdhury Poems

2641. Fighting Moments 9/21/2012
2642. On The Huge Highway 9/21/2012
2643. Crowded Side Walk Of Life 9/21/2012
2644. Take A Moment To...... 9/21/2012
2645. An Autumn Morn 10/15/2012
2646. 3-D Effect Of Life 10/15/2012
2647. A Color Palette Of Life 10/15/2012
2648. The Holy Man Of God 10/15/2012
2649. Blank Document Of Life 10/15/2012
2650. Simple And Complex 11/11/2012
2651. Life's Garden 1/13/2013
2652. One Brief Day 1/13/2013
2653. A Gratitude Prayer 1/13/2013
2654. Falling Tears 1/13/2013
2655. Evening Light 1/13/2013
2656. Love 1/13/2013
2657. A Fresh And Bright New Year 2013 1/13/2013
2658. Mystic And Magical Winter Morn 1/13/2013
2659. Divine Help And Mercy 1/13/2013
2660. A Great Fixer 1/13/2013
2661. Mingled Feelings 1/13/2013
2662. Your Own Momentum 1/13/2013
2663. Feel Empowered 1/13/2013
2664. Unsorted Fields Of Life 1/13/2013
2665. Realities We Live With 1/13/2013
2666. There's Always Something New 8/29/2014
2667. Splendid Colors Of Life 8/29/2014
2668. Life's Exhibition Hall 8/29/2014
2669. 18 Beautiful Steps 8/29/2014
2670. Calm Negative Emotions 8/29/2014
2671. Consider A Change In Direction 8/29/2014
2672. That Bent On The Road 8/29/2014
2673. God, Show Me The Way 8/29/2014
2674. Go Live Your Life 8/29/2014
2675. Tune Up With Answered Prayers 8/29/2014
2676. Be Ready To Move Forward 8/29/2014
2677. Do Not Let Go Of God's Hands 8/29/2014
2678. Unforseen Reality 8/29/2014
2679. Where You Fit In The Big Picture 8/29/2014
2680. Speak To Your Dream 8/29/2014
Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

The Magical Spell Of Spring

Love and laughter
Whispers and smiles
Gifts of kindness
All spread for a while

Dancing leaves and flowers
Spreading its scented spell
As Spring is here again
With its magical dwell

Smiling sun and moon
Spreading the music of life
With bright colors of love
Flowing smoothly to survive

Where sunshine brings hope
With warm memories of spring
And touch the day with a smile
To brighten everything

Where colors play with magic
And show us a beginning new
That brings with it for all
Joy and pleasure true

For Spring is here...

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My Broken Hut

Like broken dream and broken heart
I don't know when and where to start
Telling the nostalgic stories of my past
Where alleys of pain and troubles are vast

I dwell in my hut in the muteness zone
Where my companions are sigh and mourn
That doesn't let me walk in peace and fain
Or let me enjoy any worldly gain

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