Seema Chowdhury

Seema Chowdhury Poems

3161. We Are God's Children 3/27/2009
3162. Footsteps In The Snow 3/5/2010
3163. Find Your Own Answers 4/14/2008
3164. Against The Tide Of Time 5/10/2010
3165. Happy 13th Anniversary Sunny 7/25/2009
3166. Blessed With Joy Sameen 8/19/2009
3167. From My Wish List 4/14/2008
3168. Happy 12th Birthday Samia 4/28/2009
3169. Oh God Of Many Names 6/18/2010
3170. Keep Everything Together 2/5/2008
3171. Flip The Image 3/25/2010
3172. Crow A Happy Tune 1/19/2011
3173. Discover Joy 6/5/2009
3174. The Magical Spell Of Spring 3/22/2012
3175. Special Gift For 2009 12/21/2008
3176. Child Of The Streets 9/15/2008
3177. Create Reality 4/9/2010
3178. A Mother's Care 6/17/2008
3179. Whispers Of The Wind 9/2/2008
3180. An Autumn Crown 10/15/2009
3181. Embrace Happiness 6/4/2009
3182. A Second Chance For A Dream 12/3/2009
3183. Shades Of Life 9/2/2008
3184. A Race 4/27/2010
3185. A Bubbly Song Of Life 8/17/2011
3186. A Unique Bond 4/27/2010
3187. A Prayer For Children 11/4/2009
3188. A New Moment 3/5/2010
3189. Pause A Moment 10/6/2008
3190. Tender Mercy 3/5/2010
3191. In Faith's Gallery Of Hope 8/13/2008
3192. Walk Through Life 11/4/2009
3193. Gentle Wind Of Hope 10/15/2009
3194. Pass Or Fail 8/13/2008
3195. Life's Little Corner 12/3/2008
3196. A Free Soul 9/6/2007
3197. Life's Valley Of Isolation 6/27/2008
3198. A Field Of Battle In My Way 4/14/2008
3199. Land Of Smiles 4/17/2008
3200. Paddle My Own Canoe 10/6/2008
Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

Girls Are Like Roses....

God made this beautiful gift
Known as Girls my dear
Who should be dealt with
Lots of affection and care

For they are like roses
That bloom in our lives
To spread love's fragrance
On this earth where we survive

And with their delicate petals
They spread and attract
All happiness in this world
And that is a lovely fact

And they are like butterflies
With whom we love to play
And decorate our homes with
These fancy gifts I say

And I'm really grateful to God
For giving me His special gift
To color my life's lively leaves
And ...

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My Broken Hut

Like broken dream and broken heart
I don't know when and where to start
Telling the nostalgic stories of my past
Where alleys of pain and troubles are vast

I dwell in my hut in the muteness zone
Where my companions are sigh and mourn
That doesn't let me walk in peace and fain
Or let me enjoy any worldly gain

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