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  • ''1) My Own Leadership Quotes By Seema Chowdhury,

    1. The word Leader literally means a person who commands a group or an organization. So roll up your sleeves and put your best foot forward to lead your team to victory.

    2. A Leader is a person who is the head, chief or like a principal who shows people opportunities when they arise and helps them to pave their way to success.

    3. An Inspiring Leader is a commander and a captain who holds your hand, guides your steps during difficult times and helps you to grow enthusiasm for your work.

    4. An Efficient Leader is a pioneer and an innovator who invests in your professional life and inculcates the sense of responsibility and the excitement of achievements in you.

    5. An Innovative Leader is the one, who helps you to search for the answers to the hard questions, pushes your boundaries and makes you think outside the box.

    6. A Great Leader helps you to grow, encourages you to open the gates of opportunities and success and he enlightens and empowers you with the gift of knowledge.

    7. A Motivating Leader is the one whose actions deeply stir your soul and inspires you to go that extra mile to accomplish your target and reach a significant milestone.

    8. An Effective Leader is the one who focuses his attention on your personal as well as professional development and helps you to nurture your talents and inspires you to hone your skills over the years.

    9. A Successful Leader is the one who creates an avenue for you to travel on the wings of past, fly high in the present and gives you the focus for your future success.

    10. The Best Leader is the one, who helps you to find the final piece of the puzzle, protects you from the sharp edges and plays a positive role in your life.''
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  • ''2) Images of Culture By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Culture is everything that defines and helps us in our journey.

    2. It is who we are and the way we are brought up in this complex and dynamic world on the continuum of past, present, and future.

    3. Culture defines our beliefs, concepts, actions, and reactions to life's events and guides us to make decisions about the choices we have every day.

    4. It shapes our personality, shed light on individual perspective and cautiously guides every step of the way.

    5. It teaches us how to build a safety blanket all around to protect us from threats and it programs us to find opportunities around us.

    6. Culture teaches us to live in peace and harmony with others and it shows us numerous ways to express our views and opinions.

    7. It's like a cobweb around which we spin our lives and in the middle of which we reside peacefully and securely till the end of time.''
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  • ''3) Thoughts and insights about Mindfulness By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Mindfulness is a precious gift and we must embrace it with open arms. It means to be present in the moment, acknowledge our being, accept the reality and commit to the responsibilities of life.

    2. It's quite interesting because it teaches us to be aware of our self, our existence, our environment, what we are doing and what is happening around us. So we can be more creative and work effectively and efficiently.

    3. Most of the time, we just follow the routine and do things without realizing or feeling in that particular moment. For us, it is just an act and we are programmed to do them in that sequence over and over again, in an endless loop, till we do something to alter or disrupt the process.

    4. To be aware of our existence means we can start feeling, seeing, listening and observing more. We can start enjoying things that are present and start realizing what we are doing and the logical explanation of ‘why', for what reason or purpose.

    5. Mindfulness teaches us to balance our life and compensate where and what we are lacking in, so we can focus more in life. It is good for our heart, mind, body, and soul and it increases the flow of positive energy around us.

    6. We can start improving when we realize that we need to do, learn and challenge ourselves more, only then growth will come and we will be able to become a better person and an improved version of ourselves''
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  • ''4) My Own Success Quotes By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Success is a long and hard journey but its fruit is sweet and satisfying, so never give up just hang in there in time of trial and focus on persuasive arguments.

    2. If you want victory, change your attitude and perspective about life and find innovative solutions to your unsolved problems.

    3. Learn to control the flow of things and stay positive so you can focus and successfully unlock untapped potential and opportunities.

    4. Success will come to you when you will empower yourself with the gift of knowledge and continuous learning. This will breed confidence and you will grow by leaps and bounds.

    5. Nurture your sense of wonder and dig deep for unique ideas and answers of unanswered questions to win the game of life.

    6. The greatest achievement in life comes from accomplishing your dreams and desired goals. Be persistent in your pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

    7. Prepare your self for a successful encounter with your future. Time flies and it doesn't wait for anyone. If you are unprepared you will miss your window of opportunity.

    8. Deepen your understanding of important issues of life and face the world head-on. Cope with failures and challenges and be your own guiding light in the time of need.

    9. We all stumble from time-to-time, just don't give up and be the winner and a superstar of your own life's story. Remember you are the director and producer of your life. Do what is right for you.

    10. Organize your life and capture your imagination. Think things through and be creative. Life will give you many opportunities to win, so be prepared and plan future events ahead of time.''
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  • ''5) My Own Positive Thinking Quotes By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Focus on the positive flow of life and think things through. Be creative and welcome future possibilities and opportunities in your life.

    2. Set out of your comfort zone and follow the ray of light. Take a deep dive and capture your positive imagination.

    3. Live moment to moment and explore new avenues. Create new paths to walk on and have a fresh start. Be strong and optimistic is all situations of life.

    4. Build a productive life and always accept challenges head-on. Look at the bright side and reconnect with your inner creativity.

    5. Challenge how you approach the day and scan down the path. Focus on your winning plan and search for meaningful answers to uncover new perspective.

    6. Put negative feelings behind and search for light in the darkness. When you encounter obstacles, don't stop or quit. Keep moving forward and remember positive thinking goes a long way.

    7. Life is quite amazing, so stay hopeful and increase positive energy around you. Recognize good moments and believe in the power of hard work and enthusiasm.

    8. Set a goal each day and motivate yourself to achieve it. Make a step-by-step plan and accomplish it. Celebrate each day and keep positive thoughts alive.

    9. Reframe obstacles and see opportunities for growth. Be ready to make a new start and think bright thoughts of hope and victories.

    10. Don't feel alone in your struggle, set a positive emotional tone for your day. Bring hope and encouragement in everything you do and make a difference in the world.''
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  • ''Be a Dreamer and a Leader By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Be a dreamer and a leader. Delve deep into your inner world of creativity and positive imagination.

    2. Search answers of your WHY and don't let anything or anyone stop you in your pursuit of knowledge and learning.

    3. Lead people confidently and use your creativity and unique ideas to fetch what you have planned for the future.

    4. Follow your passion and remember your vision, mission, goals, and dreams. Use your power, of influence, intelligence, open-mindedness and liberal thinking to reach the highest steps of victory in Leadership.

    5. Be hardworking and energetic; explore the world of possibilities around you. And remember you are a wonderful leader with many followers, so keep your dreams alive and in-motion till you achieve everything you have dreamed of.''
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  • ''7) My Own Guidelines for Life By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Life is like a car race where we view series of hurdles to overcome on the unseen bent road. So learn to drive carefully and keep a positive outlook. This way you will be able to make your journey pleasant and alive.

    2. Embrace each moment of your life and keep a journal of lessons learned. Don't stop believing in yourself and seize the moment. Keep the road open and look at the world in a different way.

    3. Open the door of opportunities and learn new lessons to navigate your life. Don't spin in circles; learn to face life head-on. Draw a roadmap and explore all avenues.

    4. Widen your lenses to find your dreams. Focus on life and enjoy the series of cascading events. Explore the world and see what's possible.

    5. This is a beginning of a new beginning. So map out your life and attain your goals. Opt for happiness and measure your success. Life is a wonderful gift so look out the window and enjoy a blissful day ahead.

    6. Pull out amazing things from the background and catch up on life. Look around with a new set of eyes and begin your test. Fill in all the blanks with positive words and forgive yourself for the past mistakes.

    7. Change your outlook and select the best course of action after identifying and analyzing choices. Apply your knowledge and explore brand new opportunities.

    8. Analyze clearly, effectively and accurately. Use your strength and power to increase productivity and efficiency. Deepen your understanding of issues and prepare for the future.

    9. Build a solid foundation for learning. Invest in yourself and in things that are relevant to your life and future. Make a list of learning goals for your reference.

    10. We are responsible for our own actions, so expand your thinking and consider useful information for decision-making. Develop a winning strategy in this dynamic world to follow.

    11. Start your journey on the road to exploring and shed light on the prevailing condition. Focus on individual perception and get into action. Be creative, stay positive and never give up.

    12. Find your purpose of life and follow your passion. Play the game of life but remember that any game can be brutal. Take chance on the unknown and keep working from wherever you are.

    13. Just give it a chance, be up for the challenge and remember it is always your choice. Think positive and add excitement, adventure, and success in your day

    14. Go a step further and focus on empowering yourself by lifelong learning. Follow your own path to success through hard work; create a better world and a hopeful future for yourself.

    15. Prepare your life's lessons and illustrate your creative and innovative ideas. Develop a framework to strengthen your abilities and enhance your skills to become a winner.

    16. Take negative emotions and swap them with positive feelings. Throw away fear, frustration, stress, and anxiety. Let opportunities, creativity, growth, and optimism take place. Challenge yourself at every step and develop skills to deal with life.

    17. Understand the dynamics of life and apply learned skills. Prepare yourself to face your emotions, thinking, and actions. Don't feel threatened by the events of your surrounding. Stay away from negativity and manage your life.

    18. Be mindful of your actions in the present moment. Don't do things that will hurt you in the long run. Don't let the negativity of others upset you ever, let it go and free you from these shackles.

    19. Learn to build trust and dream big. Develop communication skills and explore how you can internalize and experiment with them. Take time and patience and use the action plan to capture brilliant ideas and in-demand skills.

    20. Don't miss out on life, learn useful strategies to get out and face the world. Develop communications skills and find your inspiration every day. Practice mindfulness and promote positive thinking.

    21. Take care of your emotional and spiritual wellness and keep an inspiring attitude. Learn to balance your life and work. Connect to your inner self and don't give in too easily.

    22. Identify your problems and find creative ideas to deal with them. Find successful solutions and see them as opportunities to grow. Encourage innovative steps and create a culture of uniqueness around you.

    23. Don't feel bitter or defeated if you don't win on your first try. Don't quit just go for it. Understand your strengths and weakness and work on them to improve so you can get better results in the future.

    24. Pursue your goals to the best of your abilities. Turn negative forces into positive and see how you can contribute to change the world. Remember positive attitude help to improve your life. So always stay motivated and inspire others to do so.

    25. Never say no to a new adventure. Make things work and keep an open mind. Move your focus from what you cannot do to what you can. Don't live in the shadows, come out into the sunlight and illuminate your surrounding.

    26. Get ready and comfortable to spread your wings. Fly to the far horizon to achieve high levels of success. Fling off all resistant and boundaries and touch the fine blue sky. Remember sky is the limit so set your boundaries accordingly.

    27. Be confident, encouraging and inspire others by your unique talents. Develop trust and design your life according to your wishes. Define your passion and purpose of life and choose a meaningful path to work and walk on to be a winner.

    28. Find motivation every day and keep on going. Inspire yourself with your accomplishments. Don't let anything distract you from your goals and mission. Prepare for a bright future and flip through the experiences of your past. Keep an account of your Lessons Learned, share and coach others too.''
    Guidelines For Life
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  • ''8) My Own ‘Motivational' Quotes By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Be aware of the uniqueness of the day and search for fresh motivation. Gain perspective and focus on a multitude of choices.

    2. Have a zest for life even in difficult moments. Find new confidence, joy, and passion and be ready to flip the next page.

    3. Take your life to the next step and create your own future. Add a layer and new dimension of motivation in your way to success.

    4. Don't let the internal conflict confuse or distract you. Bask in renewed cheer and learn to see beyond tomorrow.

    5. Set a realistic goal for your life and look at the bright sunny day. Put your finger on the problem and analyze them closely. Then find solutions and move on.

    6. Don't limit yourself with few options. Seek to push the boundaries outwards. Write your own words to live by and create your own inspiration.

    7. Maximize the opportunity by being creative and informative. Go deeper and understand your purpose in life. Make your life motivating and a beautiful model for others to follow.

    8. Be calm and heal your inner self with meditation and mindfulness. Search for your inner strength and enter into winner's circle. Lit a candle of hope and invest in yourself.

    9. Make your keepsake box full of Lessons Learned. Get buy-in and make a strong commitment to improving. Invest in your new life and enjoy the real sense of excitement.

    10. Express a passion for your work and show it through excellence of quality. Be the glue that holds the key ingredient to success together.

    11. We find hurdles and pebbles along the pathway of life. So never give up, learn to overcome hurdles and create a new path where there is none.

    12. Go an extra mile in life's journey and learn great things. Play a positive role and smoothen sharp edges to survive.

    13. Don't let the shadow of a doubt to dampen your enthusiasm and motivation. Be energetic and walk on an open stretch of road and find your stairs of success.

    14. Knock on the door of opportunity and never feel invisible or insignificant. Calm wrestling feelings and in the midst of chaos find your voice.

    15. Find strength for your struggle and challenge complications of circumstances. Don't give up or let emotions blur your judgment.

    16. Focus your energy on your goals and motivate everyone around you with your words and actions. Be assertive in your decision and follow your plans carefully.

    17. Don't let anything get in your way of taking the next step. Be attentive and show a keen interest in your work. Display a positive attitude and be willing to help others.

    18. Don't form bias opinion, be willing to sincerely and willingly listen to others. Have an open mind and dig in new ideas.

    19. Always behave professionally and try to understand your strength and weaknesses. Determine your direction and form a valuable opinion about things that matter most in life.

    20. Satisfy the calling of your soul and have right values and principles to follow. Work hard and increase the treasure of knowledge.

    21. Always play fair and never worry about tomorrow. Make your own success plan and feel hopeful about your future.

    22. Show respect to others opinion even if you don't agree with them. Say motivating things and enrich your life by acquiring new skills and knowledge.

    23. Trust your instinct in time of trial and be genuine. Don't let anger to steal your creativity. Work hard to achieve success and accept constructive feedback with an open mind.

    24. Focus your energy on positivity and develop an interest in your work. Plan your accomplishment and stay in limelight to gather motivation for your day.

    25. Try to analyze yourself but don't be too hard on yourself. Be present in each moment and don't worry too much about the unknown. Delve deep into your mind and make a solid plan so you can commit to living.''
    Motivational Quotes
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  • ''9) Let's Do It Now! By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Pay attention to life's events and learn valuable lessons from them. Create opportunities and accept challenges. Focus on perception and renew your mind. Express gratitude and believe that miracles do happen if you wait patiently.

    2. Develop deep ethical values and understanding about life. Step out of your way and share real learning. Remember knowledge has great power, so empower yourself with management and leadership skills. Learn about negotiation and conflict management. Apply emotional and social Intelligence and test your empathy when dealing with difficult people and situations.

    3. Set boundaries and always keep a positive attitude. Know that you have all that you need to grow and flourish. So be the ray of hope and move forward with life's enchanting purpose. Inculcate true motivating spirit that tells you every day "Let's Do It Now! "

    4. Write your own philosophy of life and create your inside out and outside in perspective. Have the courage to make the correct choice and then stand by it. Take each step carefully and feel positive energy flowing around you. Open your mind and shape your strategic thinking.

    5. What is really important to you is an essential part of your life. Before starting your journey to the path of success, learn to commit fully and faithfully. Learn and grow your mind and enjoy new milestones beyond tomorrow so you can thrive.

    6. Always give your best and be the part of finding solutions. Be creative, innovative and don't keep others in the dark. Pay attention to what is happening around and help others in any way that you can. Look at the Sunnyside of life and tell yourself every day "Let's Do It Now! "''
    Do It Now!
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  • ''10) 10 Things Start Doing Today By Seema Chowdhury

    1. Start a great day by showing gratitude to your Lord for His blessings, mercy, and grace.

    2. Make a productive plan and search for opportunities even in smallest things of life.

    3. Be willing to tear down the fence of obstacles and do your best to realize your dreams.

    4. Move forward with clarity and confidence and learn to manage your time wisely.

    5. Create and cultivate enthusiasm in your mind and be ready to build your own secret door to success.

    6. Always believe in yourself and find the courage to ride on new paths and accept challenges of life.

    7. Develop a positive mindset and new ways to improve. Bring revolutionary changes so you can fulfill your purpose in life.

    8. Express yourself sincerely, clearly and carefully. Always listen to the call of your soul.

    9. Be prepared to move the mountains to find new directions and dimensions, those can lead you to pinnacle success.

    10. Be energetic and zealous about your goals. Work hard to attain excellence in all spheres of life.''
    10 Things To Start Doing Today
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Best Poem of Seema Chowdhury

Thanks For Being You

Thanks for giving me joys and smiles
Thanks for sharing my trouble's pile

Thanks for wipeing the tears of my eye
Thanks for showing me the glad view of sky

Thanks for lending me your shoulders to lean
Thanks for giving my words a proper mean

Thanks for telling me the value of life
Thanks for showing me the rules to survive

Thanks for lending me the sympathetic ears
Thanks for showing how much you care

From all this what I mean in the end
Is thanks for being my special friend.

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A Word Of Encouragement

Remember that no one can
Hold long a candle for you
You must knock on another
If one door is closed to you
Just always keep thinking positive
As it is the only seed
Which quickly and quitely
Devours the dreadful weed
The dreadful weed that

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