seemakhera (Aanamika 805)

Rookie (17/O8 / Jalandhar (PUNJAB))

Biography of seemakhera (Aanamika 805)

Born on the 17th of August in Jalandhar(punjab) .
Seema(Aanamika 805) grew up into a beautiful and soft-hearted girl.Got married to the love of her life when she was....after having completed her graduation in Sociology.
Together both of them have raised a very happy family with two lovely daughters in New Delhi where is is currently settled.
Fascinated with nature and love, she treasures even the smallest happiness that life provides her.She derives her inspiration for poetry from her life itself by observing the people and events around her and by forming relationship with the people she meets and likes.She is extremely touched and effected by the plight of less fortunate people.
Some of her work might come across as unpolished but none of her poems will ever be found devoid of a sincere soul.

seemakhera (Aanamika 805)'s Works:

poem published-''The Unconditional Love'' in England by masque publishing in april edition 2010.
Name of the book is Decanto. Updates

''My Niece''

Born on 5feb2002
as beautiful as an Angel could be
God gave her beauty, but
forget to give her brain.
Lying on the bed foryears,
life for her was worst than hell
The day she born
life became challenge for her
She is Epileptic by birth.

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