seeme now

Rookie (9 may 1954 / austria)

Biography of seeme now

dreamer, believe life is love, mum of 3, graphic designer, degree in french literature and social science, poet, all we have is today, life is now, we have words to dress our thoughts and feelings with, words to share and interact, to learn and understand, words to make life love and love alive, words to gather moments and make them memories to cherish and hold, words to know that LOVE FEEDS ON LOVE Updates

As Was

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who's the fairest of them all
a story told so many times
to eyes so bright, wanting to know
but not the mirror can reveal
the fairest - that's the one
looking at me, feeding my soul
joyful as light, sharing the sorrow
not as is, but as was when hope shines bright

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