Segomotso Kandle Shamukuni

Rookie (Kasane, Botswana)

Biography of Segomotso Kandle Shamukuni

Segomotso Kandle Shamukuni poet

Much can be said and done, much can be hunted and never found, but I have found me throughout my inner journey to arrive where I am.
Segomotso kandle Shamukuni is the founder and author of Kandle's Inspirational and Motivational Poetry (KIMP) .Born and raised in kasane and the only male child in a family of three.
Writing poetry has became a daily routen to motivate myself and those who embrace poetry as an art from the heart.KIMP has introduced unique poems that touch the heart and inspire the mind; for they read vise versa.the same up reads it down.
throughout my days, nature and human family has became my number one motivation and strength of existence.Get motivated get inspired. Updates

In This Stage

in stumbling and hunger
can i have anger?
when at this stage
in this page
of life that we all live
where I believe

with tears of grieve
in this journey

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