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Prabir Gayen 25 February 2019

Sekharan Pokkat is a very talented poet...sensitive and thoughtful...romantic BG nature and realistic at heart...I love his poem...God bless.

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Bharati Nayak 17 December 2018

Sekharan Pookkat from Thrisoor, India is a great poet.His poems are easy flowing, beautiful and are with a bit of intrigue.He writes on variety of topics, but his love poems are his forte. He is my first Poem Hunter friend and I am very much obliged to him for his encourangement in my poetic journey. Thank you so much Sekharan Pookkat for your support.Wish you a Very Happy New Year-2019, full of more poetry and good health.

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Lucid, vivid, poetic expressions you have, truly optimistic and honestly practical, thanks poet

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Kewayne Wadley 18 April 2015

Your poems are wrote with a flare of intrigue. Very passionate and full of truth. Keep that pen moving, can't wait to see the direction your soul takes you next

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Susan Lacovara 04 October 2013

I enjoyed your poem Say Not...well expressed. Your wish for peace is much like that of my own.I invite you to read more my work. Thank you for your previous comment. I welcome new friends, and in closing, I always look to extend an offer of PEACE

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 01 August 2012

You are positive about life, just keep writing. Keep your mind on beauty and harmony and your life will turn into that.

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