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201. Rainbow 6/12/2013
202. Unknown Enemy 6/17/2013
203. Father Of My Child. 5/5/2014
204. Help 8/31/2012
205. Two Little Birds 9/21/2013
206. Expectaton 1/8/2013
207. You Are In Love 12/6/2013
208. Journey 7/29/2013
209. The Prince- T222 5/25/2017
210. Green Signal 5/19/2013
211. Palette 6/21/2013
212. Positive Imagination 12/18/2013
213. Wrath 3/6/2015
214. Wipe My Tears 2/13/2014
215. Green Shore 8/2/2013
216. Dreams 8/16/2013
217. My Gift 8/22/2013
218. Loneliness 9/8/2012
219. Color Of Your Eyes 8/8/2013
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Color Of Your Eyes

What is the color
Of your Eyes?
I don't know.

But I can see
The waves of your love
Reflects in your eyes
Through the world of poems...

What is the color
Of your heart?
I don't know.

But I can feel
The beats of your heart
Dissolves in your blood
Through the symphony of love

What is the color
Of your life?
I don't know.

But I can say
The waves, beats and dreams
Ups and downs
Passed away from me
In the world of love
To uphold life
For whom
I loved very much

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Waiting For Footsteps

The wind blows
with all its strength
To fetch the smell of flowers
Towards who love each other.

The valleys blossoms
With hum of bees
To bring the honey of love
For lovers every where.

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