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Selina Gurgacz Poems

1. Echoing 11/6/2007
2. Perfect Picture 11/6/2007
3. I Can'T Believe 11/8/2007
4. I Hope 11/8/2007
5. 'It Will Be Ok.' 11/14/2007
6. A Black Hole 11/6/2007
7. Sometimes 11/25/2007
8. Mrs Taylor 1/31/2008
9. I Remember... 2/3/2008
10. I Remember The Days... (Poem Number 2 In The Series) 2/3/2008
11. I Remember... (No.3 In The Series) 2/6/2008
12. Please And Thank-You 2/14/2008
13. Poverty 6/6/2009
14. I Guess That This Is The End.... 7/18/2009
15. There Is Something That I Wish To Tell You 7/18/2009
16. Sonnet: As I Lay In The Meadow, I See Thee, 7/18/2009
17. What Do I See, I See, I See (Animal Rights) 7/18/2009
18. I Love You Too 7/18/2009
19. Sonnet: I Don'T Want To, But I Have To Ask Why 7/18/2009
20. Questions Of Love, Come Straight From My Heart 7/18/2009
21. Wandering Through Life, Taking Each Day As It Comes 7/18/2009
22. Love Is Many Things 7/18/2009
23. Confessions Of Love 7/20/2009
24. You'Re Always On My Mind 8/1/2009
25. Times Haiku 8/2/2009
26. There Are Times We Laugh 8/2/2009
27. Nobody Loves Me 8/10/2009
28. Today Must Be One Of Those Days 8/24/2009
29. I Hate Those Days 8/24/2009
30. Overview Of A Ranchers Day 8/26/2009
31. Love - Confused 9/11/2009
32. Courage 2/2/2010
33. Makes The Outside World Disappear 11/6/2010
34. Thoughts Racing Through My Head 11/6/2010
35. Everyone Finds Something Hard 1/4/2011
36. Questions, Confusion, Love 3/16/2011
37. Sonnet: Don'T Look At Me Like I Am A Vampire 7/18/2009
38. One Side Of My Parents 8/24/2009
39. Together Forever, Never To Part 7/18/2009
40. Coke Bottle Limeric 7/18/2009

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Good-Luck, I'Ll Miss You

there is nothing really,
that i can say,
when your journey is almost over,
and a new adventure begins.
good-luck, i'll miss you,
are the usual things that people say,
and i want to say somethin more,
but it is hard to get feelings
into words,
that will spell out,
a message for you.
so for now i'll just say,
good-luck, i'll miss you.

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I Wish

I wish that I could wish upon a star.
A star so bright, that would be delightful.
It shines so bright, that the whole sky is as bright as day.

I wish I could have a friend.
A friend that is always there.
A friend who cares and is kind,
And someone that you can trust.

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