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Sensuelle Briden Poems

1. Summertime Is Calling 2/7/2015
2. Happiness Is A Choice 2/7/2015
3. Universal Mandalas 2/7/2015
4. Each Drop Is A Kiss 2/7/2015
5. Amazing Life 2/7/2015
6. Incredible Summer Voice 2/20/2015
7. Freedom 3/15/2015
8. Cosmic Brothers 3/16/2015
9. A Voice Of The Void 3/16/2015
10. Love Is A Fusion 3/17/2015
11. Let's Do Dancing 3/19/2015
12. Let Your Body Move In Dance 3/21/2015
13. The Wildest Beauty 3/22/2015
14. Free Expression 3/26/2015
15. To Find A Trace 3/26/2015
16. Intention Instead Of Control 3/28/2015
17. Many-Sided 4/1/2015
18. Inspiration 4/2/2015
19. To The Source 4/2/2015
20. The Heart's Sounding 4/3/2015
21. Let's Dance 4/3/2015
22. Reflection 4/8/2015
23. Dancing With The Earth 4/14/2015
24. Ocean Is Free, So Are You 4/27/2015
25. To Explore It All 4/30/2015
26. Step Inside 5/16/2015
27. New World 5/22/2015
28. Don'T Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes 5/27/2015
29. Go Through The Night 5/27/2015
30. Power Of Manifestation 7/9/2015
31. It's The Same Planet, Baby 7/11/2015
32. Jaime 7/16/2015
33. Conscious Interaction 8/4/2015
34. It's Love, Baby 8/6/2015
35. The Poem Of Life 8/10/2015
36. Towards The South 7/9/2015
37. Tendency To Be Okay 7/9/2015
38. My Road To The Sea 8/20/2015
39. Find Your Wealth And Just Be Bold 8/27/2015
40. True Treasures 8/28/2015

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Twin Flame Is What Burns In Your Heart

Twin flame is what burns in your heart.
It’s not like someone is apart
And you just have to meet him soon.
Twin flame is bright and vibrant June.

It is in you; it flows right there;
It’s in your smile; in open stare.
You care about meeting, but
Find flame exactly in your heart.

You will be totally surprised
When you will use truth’s giant eyes.
They see it all and have no pain
As much as they have no nick names –

Of every person, thing or thought.
They have no labels; they have got
Amazing gift to see the world
As oneness with no black ...

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Summertime Is Calling

Summertime is calling; feeling is amazing.
Sky is almost kissed by a cosmic laser.
We no way are lazy; you and I are crazy.
Our essence is easy; our moves are mazy.

The world of joyful journeys lives in our atoms.
And to get in there we just push the button -
It's called a pure intention; it's a wish, but stronger.
We play with time so we will make it now much longer.

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