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Sensuelle Briden Poems

41. Nude 9/6/2015
42. Total Wealth 9/7/2015
43. Inner Paradise 9/9/2015
44. You Hear The Drum? .. 9/10/2015
45. Your Heart 9/30/2015
46. If The Man Hurts The Man 10/1/2015
47. The World Of Wonders 3/19/2015
48. Just Find Your Sign 2/27/2015
49. Living Your Unique Way 2/7/2015
50. The Light Of Dream Inside 2/7/2015
51. Embrace The World 2/7/2015
52. The Art Of Easy Healing 2/7/2015
53. Any Place And Any Space 2/7/2015
54. Do You Want To Join Us? 3/16/2015
55. Perfect Style 3/3/2015
56. The Best Move 2/20/2015
57. Inner Journeys 2/7/2015
58. A Truthful Start 3/1/2015
59. Perfect Flight 2/7/2015
60. Sacred Geometry 2/20/2015
61. The Main Tone 2/7/2015
62. Ripe Fruit Is What Intention Means 2/7/2015
63. Pleasure Of The Crown? 3/1/2015
64. The Print Of Energy 2/28/2015
65. May's Rainy Eyes 2/7/2015
66. No Matter What They Said 2/7/2015
67. A Look Within 3/21/2015
68. It Is For Real 7/9/2015
69. You May Think 8/18/2015
70. To The Master 7/9/2015
71. Your Body Will Guide You 4/27/2015
72. Love, Love, Love 4/23/2015
73. The Keys 3/28/2015
74. Cosmic Friendship 3/29/2015
75. Our Wild Nature Is Our Cure 3/30/2015
76. Behind The Mask 3/22/2015
77. Be Your True Self 10/12/2015
78. Unspeakable 9/30/2015
79. Is That You? 9/9/2015
80. Sacred Treasure To Find 2/18/2015

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Twin Flame Is What Burns In Your Heart

Twin flame is what burns in your heart.
It’s not like someone is apart
And you just have to meet him soon.
Twin flame is bright and vibrant June.

It is in you; it flows right there;
It’s in your smile; in open stare.
You care about meeting, but
Find flame exactly in your heart.

You will be totally surprised
When you will use truth’s giant eyes.
They see it all and have no pain
As much as they have no nick names –

Of every person, thing or thought.
They have no labels; they have got
Amazing gift to see the world
As oneness with no black ...

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Summertime Is Calling

Summertime is calling; feeling is amazing.
Sky is almost kissed by a cosmic laser.
We no way are lazy; you and I are crazy.
Our essence is easy; our moves are mazy.

The world of joyful journeys lives in our atoms.
And to get in there we just push the button -
It's called a pure intention; it's a wish, but stronger.
We play with time so we will make it now much longer.

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