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Sensuelle Briden Poems

81. My True Self Is My Own Temple 3/21/2015
82. The Door Of Spirit 3/25/2015
83. Speechless 3/20/2015
84. The Wisdom Of Change 2/7/2015
85. Before You Go 5/21/2015
86. The Soul Is Flawless 8/26/2015
87. Twin Flame Is What Burns In Your Heart 3/14/2015
Best Poem of Sensuelle Briden

Twin Flame Is What Burns In Your Heart

Twin flame is what burns in your heart.
It’s not like someone is apart
And you just have to meet him soon.
Twin flame is bright and vibrant June.

It is in you; it flows right there;
It’s in your smile; in open stare.
You care about meeting, but
Find flame exactly in your heart.

You will be totally surprised
When you will use truth’s giant eyes.
They see it all and have no pain
As much as they have no nick names –

Of every person, thing or thought.
They have no labels; they have got
Amazing gift to see the world
As oneness with no black ...

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The Wisdom Of Change

Small leaves are resting on the trees.
They know what means to wait like this,
And they are calm; and spring will bring
Those juices they will gladly drink.

Small leaves are sleeping in the buds.
They have no grief. And what about us? 

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