Sentamu Aziz

Veteran Poet - 1,087 Points (24th June / Uganda)

Biography of Sentamu Aziz

I was born raised and educated in Uganda, grew up up in a humble family with both my parents. As the first born of four children, i grew up bearing in mind that I had to set a good example for my siblings.This was not to come the easy way as coupled with i hard work I had to live a life of never giving up in anything i choose to do. I started writing poetry in 2002, sadly I lost my first sketch book of 101 poems after which I for a while gave up on poetry and tried writing scripts and stories but resumed poetry in 2010 following the death of my very good friend.. I love writing whatever my mind conceives..I run two online pages: Saint Aziz de Writer on Facebook and

I have great love for writing and hope to write for the movie industry one day.

Professionally i am a Commercial Pilot as well as a Flying Instructor.

My Book: 'VOICES OF MY MIND' is undergoing review

Sentamu Aziz's Works:

None as yet but working on my book


Heart Custody

Fertile like no soil
For weeds and crops to sprout
So homely beyond comfort
A mother for the cursed and blessed
Absorber of all shock
Recipient of all that strikes

A scale for all troubles
Weighed heavy and light

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