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Rookie (October 12th / Charleston SC)

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Sequoey Peay poet

Me...Wow, well there isn`t really much to say besides I am a God fearing woman. I have always had many talents, hobbies, and/or different things I love and know how to do. However, ive always had a pasion for writing. I started writing somewhere around the age of 11. From songs, to poems, quotes, hip-hop, it didnt matter. Just a way that I evennly express myself to whoever picks up my words. Along side of writing is singing and modeling, which this things Ive carried with me throughout my life. Ive worked since the age of 14, didnt hve too much of a chld life. however alot of blessings has replaced the lost time, which now is uncomplainable. Updates


Let music creep down inside your soul.
Let my words tell you a story unborn.
Let the beat thump with your hearts joy.
Let my voice merge with your emotions like love with a boy.

I want you to feel me, like I would when I sing to you.
Unwind your mind let go, let it become a part of your smile too.
Music is my life, and my life is reality, reality is me.
There is no place in the world, Music cannot take me..

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