Serena Taylor

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Hi, I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence over something that happened a year ago. Literally it's like Im crazy (which is partially true. sometimes!) but even if nothing is funny, i start laughing with no reason. lol. anyways. few things about me. i hate spiders. eek! i luvv music, poetry, and writing. i hate maths! no offense to those who like it! I'm not gonna lie, I'm random! deal with it! *gives a sweet smile* and yh....i guess that's it. ta da! *profile complete*! ! ! : D 8) Updates

When I First Saw You

When I first saw you
I knew straight away
That you were an angel
And it made my day!

I loved the way you laughed
I loved the way you lied
And it became harder for me to say goodbye.

You made me so happy
And now you make me cry.
Tell me why
You had to say goodbye

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