Serkan Engin

Rookie (I zmit / I zmit)

Biography of Serkan Engin

A Laz poet from Turkey, Serkan Engin was born in 1975 in Izmit/Turkey. He was influenced by his parents to study at Navy Military Lycee but was dismissed from Navy Military High School in 1995 because he was undisciplined. He then studied at technical high school in Kocaeli University, and now he is a vigorous antimilitarist.

His poems have been published in more than fifty literature journals in Turkey and he has also published a poem manifest in a literature journal in 2004, “Imagist Socialist Poetry.” He has tried to start a new poetry movement in Turkish Poetry. He has also published numerous articles in literature journals about literary theory according to his poetry movement. The basic motto of his poetry movement is “Imagist in the form, socialist in the content“ and the other basic motto is “If you have no fight, you don’t have any poem”.

His poems have been published in The Tower Journal, Poetry'z Own and Mediterranean Poetry in English. Also his poems have been published in one of the major philosophy and poetry journal of Japan named Shi to Shisou in Japanese.

Serkan Engin's Works:

1- Shameless Acrostic
2- Rhymeless of All Poems
3- Hard Lines
4- First Poems
5- My Erotic Poems Atlas (Collected My Erotic Poems)
6- Chatty Poems (My poems translated from Turkish to the other languages of Turkey as Kurdish, Lazuri, Romaic, Zazaki, etc)
7- Ghazal to Pera Belle ((My poems translated from Turkish to English)

1- Left Crochet (Poetic Reviews)
2- Left Direct (Poetic Reviews)
3- Shadow Boxing (Collected Poetic Reviews)
4- Poemed Letters (Collected Letters to Poets)
1- Be a Dynamite (Collected Newspaper Politic Articles)
1- Acquiescent Murders
1- Inconvenient Poetry Dictionary
(Alternative Poetry Dictionary) Updates

Ghazal To Pera Belle

love is now torn paper, thin, sea-blue and missing
never ask haunting hazel eyes why this heart longs

life has destroyed us while spreading-skies thinned letters
limping birds bleed loneliness onto sheet music

now razors scratch my dreams into this ruined wall
how could i know this much disappointment, now hushed

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