Seshat Nibada

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Seshat Nibada Poems

1. Stop Loving Never 9/28/2013
2. Letters I Tore Open As Our Bodies Melted Together 9/28/2013
3. I Keep It, Staying At Home 9/28/2013
4. Ballad Of Last Light 9/28/2013
5. Gateway Of An Author 9/28/2013
6. Water Is Taught By Thirst, Light By Darkness 9/28/2013
7. You Breathe Mysticism On Me 9/28/2013
8. I Battled Me A Renascence 9/28/2013
9. Tell Me What You See In It 9/28/2013
10. Ode To Mona Lisa 9/28/2013
11. Autumn Festival Of Dawns 9/28/2013
12. I Admonish Thee 9/28/2013
13. Reunion 9/28/2013
14. The Soul’s Radiance 9/28/2013
15. A Lament For Brief Words 9/28/2013
16. With The Ease Of Angels 9/28/2013
17. Stories Of Flowers 9/28/2013
18. The Death Of Love 9/28/2013
19. The Red-Gold Fire Of Poetry 9/21/2013
20. Do I Sleep With You? 9/21/2013
21. Mute 9/21/2013
22. Apology Of A Writer 9/21/2013
23. Upon The Slowest Night 9/22/2013
24. Dawn Without The Sometimes Furious Swarming Of Coins 9/21/2013
25. “that Must Have Been The Sun” 9/21/2013
26. Buddhist Untitled 9/21/2013
27. Angels & Faeries 9/21/2013
28. Of Post Modern Poetry 9/28/2013
29. Like Talking In The Night 9/28/2013
30. A Tongue – To Tell Her Of My Truth 9/28/2013
31. In Every Flake That Flies Wide Wandering Skies 9/28/2013
32. Song For Tall Grasses Singing 9/28/2013
33. Ode To Emily Dickinson 9/28/2013
34. Creation Engima 9/21/2013
35. To The Break Of Day (Another Of The Same) 9/28/2013
36. Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 9/28/2013

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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The silver moon is set
in harvests unseen, the pleiades
rush home across half the night
though the night is never spent

i lie alone, with sappho
ready to bridge fragments
of my human body-shell divine
The golden moon is set

in harvests unseen, o queen of songs
voiceful, with the heart’s wild cry
storm-tossed I gather spirit
across the all-unattainable hope

that heaven’s empyreal blue
will never be fully lost, always recoverable
in some future where the moon
hangs low and love’s feet brush dew

across a soft-cushioned bed where

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Do I Sleep With You?

Do I sleep with you or you with me?
You have bad dreams if I’m not there
I comb your womb for laughing hybrids
In any case, I say you sleep with me
Making staying perfect, future and breath
I’m not concerned with cultural cliffs
But comfort straight and devotion mine
Do I sleep with you or you with me?
It’s splitting hairs to say, but destiny

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