Seth Proch

Rookie (July 2,1986 - not yet / Bennington, VT)

Seth Proch Poems

1. Praise The Lord! All Ye People! 4/15/2007
2. The Spindles And The Spines 4/16/2007
3. Fire Fighter 4/16/2007
4. Rainy Days And Mondays... 4/16/2007
5. And So It Goes... 4/15/2007
6. The Passing Of Gary 4/16/2007
7. Made From Sugar So It Tastes Like Sugar 4/16/2007
8. Corruptable Platforms, Or The Light At A Four Way Stop 4/16/2007
9. I'M Growing Vines That Cling To These Hallowed Walls 4/16/2007
10. An Ocean Full Of Lies (My Cell Phone Rings At 2 Am) 5/3/2007
11. The Temptress, The Siren, The Witch 6/13/2007
12. A Look Into The Mind Of A Tree 6/13/2007
13. Missionary (Position) Abortion 11/7/2007
14. Drunkard 1/30/2008
15. Jesus And The Heavenly Hosts 1/30/2008
16. Twisted Distant Lover Gone... 1/30/2008
17. Broken Hearted Sad Sap Blues 1/30/2008
18. Eulogy (For Alex, Elliott, Nick, John, And Ian Too...) 4/8/2010
19. Broken Basket Blues 4/8/2010
20. Foreign Flower's Lullaby 4/8/2010
21. The Passing Of David 4/16/2007
22. On The Wings Of A Pleasant Conversation 4/16/2007
23. Can I Change The World With You? 4/16/2007
24. The Legend Of Clarence & Alabama 5/3/2007
25. Dream Girl... 11/7/2007
26. I Need A Dream Lover, So I Don'T Have To Dream Alone... 11/7/2007
27. The Fantastic Voyage 11/7/2007
28. There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World... Tonight... 11/6/2011
29. Teacup Reading On A Dismal Day 11/7/2007
30. The Stable Life Is No Life At All 6/14/2007
31. Hit And Run 6/13/2007
32. Drink Up, Swallow Hard, Keep It Down 4/16/2007
33. Morning's Enlightenment... 4/15/2007
34. Romantically Yours 4/16/2007
35. The Passing Of Leanne... She Lived, But Only Temporarily 4/16/2007
36. Floodlight, Headlight, Moonlight, Goodnight 4/16/2007
37. Moon. Rock! 11/6/2011
38. In A Train-Car To The Moon With You 11/6/2011
39. Destiny, Or The Prisoner 4/16/2007
40. Life, In A Cracking Nutshell 4/16/2007

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Best Poem of Seth Proch

And A Rock Feels No Pain, And An Island Never Cries

There's a birds nest outside my window,
a bright white ribbon woven into it.
The tail of the ribbon is dancing in the barely present wind.
The scene takes place in a barren tree,
ravaged by the harsh cold of autumn.
I see it all from the open window of my room,
looking out through the metal screen,
where a tiny insect climbs nimbly up the outside.
Some old lo-fi recording of a jazz tune is playing,
and I wonder what she's doing right now.


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Hit And Run

His eyes burried in a novel,
She entered the room,
He awoke from his world of fiction,
Greeting her with a half hearted smile,
It was not returned.

With a phrase she left him once again,
'I just wanted to make sure we were clear'
He had nodded silently,

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