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I Am Soul
I Am Shaakiera
I Am...Infinite

I am a young woman with a passion for writing human interest, opinion/point of view and personal life experience pieces mostly based on my own experiences and lessons learned. A freelance writer but always the Infinite Poet at the core, who not only strives daily to be a best selling author but more importantly who aspires to move souls and change lives one word at a time.

My sister, my life drives me. She is the sole reason i continue to hold on. Mother less before 15years old cancer ripping her from our young lives, shattering our world. We only had each other to depend on and by the Grace of God we made it!

I live to write. I breathe words. It is writing that saved me. Writing that keeps me sane, and if I choose it will be writing that transcends me over every pain, every betrayal and every hurt I have endured.

I am surrounded by flesh and blood people when I am composed of mind, heart and soul! Where everyone carries their souls deep Inside of them...I am my soul…visible for all to see, to love and yes, sadly to hurt. I want my souls voice to be heard in every syllable I put to paper. I am finally ready to fight a battle for me, a battle that in the end will be the worthiest.

I am Mind, Heart and Soul. I am Here, Broken but Alive. Humbled by his Grace.


Shaakiera Schroeder's Works:

Kuli's limp sattire drags us back 20 years - March 2,2011 Published in Citizen Online

Choosing to stay: < 19/03/10>
Article published in the summer edition of a USA based magazine “We need not walk alone” featured under “friends of the bereaved parent' Updates


Helpless <my friend hurts and there’s nothing I can do>
Written by Shaakiera Schroeder -10/05/09

Time stood still for you… and I was sleeping
Forgiving me is not in my scheme of things.
Your world crumbled … I was not there.
Through silly vibrations I awoke to a world so different….
So sad….so silent and empty.

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