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  • ''I want my soul's voice to be heard in every syllable I put to paper! I am finally ready to fight a battle for me…a battle that in the end will be the worthiest.the spoils of war being my happiness…my contentment…and my eventual peace. Victory will bring change from existing to truly living, most importantly …living happily!''
    Shaakiera schroeder 2016
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  • '''Freedom' defined as 'the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action'"liberation or restraint from the power of another" "the quality of being frank, open or outspoken. Boldness of conception" Simply put - to be truly Free, You must be allowed... No, you must be encouraged to be truly You. SS (28/02/12)''
  • '''Wrestling with thoughts that consume your conscious mind but only serves as a waste of time is just fooling yourself...let it go! Live and let live! Stop and be grateful for another beautiful day you are blessed to experience - then look up and thank Allah for this incomparable gift you get everyday! A clean slate...a fresh new start...a chance to be BETTER than yesterday!

    Shaakiera Schroeder (23/12/11)''
  • ''I am Mind, Heart&Soul. I am Here. Broken but Alive. Humbled, by His grace. Restore faith&hope heal our souls. reclaim our humanity, the light within us Godly shine bright Compassion devouring the darkness filling the emptiness #BeTheMiracleEveryday!''
    Shaakiera Schroeder SS 2016
  • ''If you are determined enough what you can achieve exceeds what your mind can conceive, the possibilities are limitless...ss12/16''
    Shaakiera Schroeder
  • ''Caught in the storm today is Allah swt reminder that No matter how dark the storm...there's always a silver lining...always! Ya Rabb I accept the lesson! SS''
  • ''Be the light that brightens the Darkest of Souls and fire like the sun warming the Coldest of Hearts ss''
  • ''If you are determined enough what you can achieve exceeds what your mind can conceive, the possibilities are limitless...ss12/16''
  • '''I'd rather be nowhere on the list than last on list with (optional) in brackets, 'she's no one' instead of 'its complicated'. Thank u but I'd rather not! ShaakieraS 13''

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Beautiful Oak Tree

Your soul and memory of your life is like a beautiful oak tree.
You provide shelter from the storm…homes for the homeless…humans like creatures, all different, finds sanctuary within you! Shade, when reality burns like the angry sun…and most importantly, you provide oxygen which helps us breathe… even when we no longer want to!
You stand tall and firm…reaching to the sky…reminding us to look up and know there is a reason …you now fly!
Beautiful Angel …we look up and imagine your smile!
We may not know why…you fly…
Beautiful Angel ….but,
You live in everything…
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Helpless <my friend hurts and there’s nothing I can do>
Written by Shaakiera Schroeder -10/05/09

Time stood still for you… and I was sleeping
Forgiving me is not in my scheme of things.
Your world crumbled … I was not there.
Through silly vibrations I awoke to a world so different….
So sad….so silent and empty.

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