Shabeeh Haider

Biography of Shabeeh Haider

I have been writing poetry since I was a child and have been published in newspapers and journals. This year two of my poetry books have been published. A Vagabond Heart was published in May 2014 and Ripples On My Soul has been released last week.
The poems that I am posting here are mainly from my book, 'A Vagabond Heart'

Shabeeh Haider's Works:

A Vagabond Heart
Ripples On My Soul Updates


The glorious rainbow in the sky,
And spray from the briny seas,
Were mixed with bloom of the rose
And sweet honey of the bees.
The rays of the moon as it shone,
Flowers mixed with morning dew,
Were enclosed in human flesh:
Lord gave this form to YOU.

(From my book, A Vagabond Heart)

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