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Shachia Oryila is a blogger, freelancer, translator, media consultant, publisher, professional writer and editor. He has been writing professionally for many years now and has a number of published and unpublished works. He is currently working on a historical novel and a collection of poetry which will soon be published. He is also collecting ten thousand Tiv proverbs, aphorisms, metaphors, sayings and idioms which he hopes to post on a daily basis. For many years now he has taught English, Literature in English, Communication and Language courses to A-Level and O'Level students. With his 'Writers & Editors' Kitchen', he has indulged in freelance editing, hired book reviewing projects, paid public speech, profile and citation writing consultancy, event anchoring, for clients and referrals, among others. Updates

A Cry For Help

We're poor
diseased by years of neglect
naked save for the pairs of
tattared shorts we've on
and these stained fabric-rags
for shirts against the elements
bare-footed only for the pairs
of oversized footwears
made from disused tyres.

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