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Shachia Oryila is a blogger, freelancer, translator, media consultant, publisher, professional writer and editor. He has been writing professionally for many years now and has a number of published and unpublished works. He is currently working on a historical novel and a collection of poetry which will soon be published. He is also collecting ten thousand Tiv proverbs, aphorisms, metaphors, sayings and idioms which he hopes to post on a daily basis. For many years now he has taught English, Literature in English, Communication and Language courses to A-Level and O'Level students. With his 'Writers & Editors' Kitchen', he has indulged in freelance editing, hired book reviewing projects, paid public speech, profile and citation writing consultancy, event anchoring, for clients and referrals, among others. Updates

Chalkboard General

We now roll out the drums
Amidst fine songs and dance;
Let champagne pop out and
Palm-wine bubble with freshness
And with stomachs filled with
Fried chicken, fish and beef
We share small talk and chop
As we wash off this tortous road
To become a Chalkboard General.

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