Shadae Brown

Rookie (09-28-94 / Brooklyn, New Yorlk)

Biography of Shadae Brown

My name is Shadae Brown
Am 14 years old and will be the BIG 15 in just 8 days.Am to happy.
But am also the oldest of 3 little girls.
Who are 13,6 and 1 of age.
I LOVE to write and painting and have been since i was in the 7th grade but just started taking it back up when i found this website and thouqht it would be a good idea to share my poems with people around the world. Updates


You always happen to let me fall
Shoving me to the ground
But making sure to pick me back up

You should and act like you are
Heartless when deep down you do have feelings
Postive feelings towards me

Am just so afraid to lose it all

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