Shadow Death

Biography of Shadow Death

I idk what to tell hmm well I am a poet and I let all my emotions and feelings out in my poetry so you should check it out sometime. I am a huge horror movie fanatic not an obession but I do love watching the classics to the modern day ones. I am also the oldest out of 8 kids 4 boys 4 girls and were all adopted its pretty cool but very stressful sometimes it can fell like my parents forget about me but I know they do their best. Music wise I listen to a lot of bands from different genres not a huge fan of rap though. Im pretty laid back when it comes to life I let some shit go, I love to party, hanging with friends and well sleeping hahaha anyway add me Im a cool person and I love meeting and chatting with nnew people :) :)

Shadow Death's Works:

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Hated Liar

Just yesterday you were sad, and your mind in space.
Now you’re a different person, you have a smile on your face.
How could you lie about something like that?
If attention was what you want you got it, you’re the one we’re all looking at.
The feelings of sorrow and sadness I once had have turned to hate.
It’s not fair that you hurt us your friends but, you’ll get what you deserve just wait.
I speak for myself when I say that I can’t look at you anymore.
No more of your fucked up lies