Shalia Robinson

Rookie (November 12,1991 / Maryland)

Biography of Shalia Robinson

Currently, I am in college on a scholarship proud that I graduated in top ten percent of class.Yea! ! At this point in my life I am still writing and helping others through my experiences. By being understanding, determined, out spoken and kind as well as intelligent. Through writing I release all the pain bottled up. This is a way I exhale! Updates

Born With A Purpose!

Born on this earth with a purpose
A purpose that has to be fulfilled
In order to meet the needs of God
It's the generation yes I mean us
Babies, Children, and young adults in the field.
Doing Jesus work to enhance the kingdom up hill
So I strongly say were born with a purpose
Some that haven't yet been revealed but God can help us.
The reason for living and surviving struggle, pain, disappointment, and our hurt and troubles

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