Shama Taimour Bukhari

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Biography of Shama Taimour Bukhari

Born in the mid of last century at a heavenly place'Dehradun'. spent just infancy years and the country was divided.My family left that place never to see it again.May be those infancy years spent amongst forests, hills and waterfalls left beautiful effects on my canvas of life..And I think that transformed me into a

Shama Taimour Bukhari's Works:

1.Colors of Life(usa) 2.Motherhood magazine...The Last Promise.. 3.Tennesey journal...The white Rain... Updates


why the world is a little bad
Why the people are so sad?
Why are there lies around
Why are there wars for nothing
Why peace is swap for anything?
Why do the people always boast
Why the wealth is loved the most?
Why the old is misery surround
Why the orphans are on the ground?

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