Shamekia Wright

Rookie (10/12/1983 / Shreveport, La.)

Biography of Shamekia Wright

I was born and raised in Shreveport, la. I just recently had my one year anniversary with my hubby. i have three beautiful kids 1 boy 2 girls. I'm on this site to get my poetry out to the world.GOD BLESS ALL MEMBERS AND PASSER BYERS.

Shamekia Wright's Works:

no books published right now but i have a book in process Updates

Do I Offend You

Do i offend by the way i speak are the way i move my eyes. Do i offend you by the way i walk are is it my overall demeanor that catches you by surprise. People often point fingers at the ones standing to their left and the ones standing to their right. How about standing in the mirror and pointing at the one you see within your sight. What if the p

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