Shamekia Wright

Rookie (10/12/1983 / Shreveport, La.)

Biography of Shamekia Wright

I was born and raised in Shreveport, la. I just recently had my one year anniversary with my hubby. i have three beautiful kids 1 boy 2 girls. I'm on this site to get my poetry out to the world.GOD BLESS ALL MEMBERS AND PASSER BYERS.

Shamekia Wright's Works:

no books published right now but i have a book in process Updates

I Cry Sometimes To

If i told you my inner thoughts would you look at me diffrently. If you could walk a mile in my shoes would you view life in a diffrent way.

There's a reason the tongue is the mightiest sword and i can cut through hearts like a knife. If you possessed the abillity to truly see inside me would you really still envy my life.

Supposen i share with you something only few knew. Would you pass judgement on me knowing you have skeletons in your closet too?
If you could really know me WHAT WOULD

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