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Why should we be molested in the name of help?
Why should we be thought at the helpless ends?
Why is it so only with us in this immortal world?
Perhaps, we are the girl child and we are women

Yes, this could have done the other way too
Why did I lose you right in the meanwhile?
And in fact, the way that I got my heart broken
I couldn't understand it for a while

Yes, from the dawn of a day to the eve
My friend, it's not that hard to believe
The sweat rests on my shoulders and neck
And it's all the time just to give me a feel

I am to understand the colours of life
Some filled with joy
And some filled with sorrow
My dear friend, please!

In the search for liberty and peace of mind
Many times I look back and try to rewind
But too much mess and destruction is there
There is nothing new to feel that I can find



I know the two shores of a river can't meet

You are near, you are far
It's too hard to forget you
Your fragrance is still here
It makes me alone without you

From the window of my room
I see the green trees
Where birds are on branches
And insects on leaves

Beyond the reaches of my red eyes
Somewhere deep into the blue skies
And yes, I find myself exactly there
Whenever this broken heart flies


From the day full of the fatigue and leaving of the doodling
Throughout the night you get a little more dreams scattered
And as you wake up with an opportunity each next morning
Yes, the bright Sun rises and the rays of hope are scattered


From here, it is absolutely not easy to go back
And why am I to get and feel the sorrow deep?
But why did you keep your real face off then?
Now, why should I face your reality revealed?

Perhaps, it may be any other matter
Today, you aren't with me right here
May be, you were not on faith, my love
But, I'm still yours and faithful dear

A torch of hope
There is in my hand
It doesn't matter
There is no friend

With the eyes of the morning and the rays bright
Yes, from there it comes the beauty of light
The stars and the moons are created by Them
They complete the orders and everything is right

There is darkness
And I am alone
Memories are wandering
And getting me mourned


Someone gets it with experience

And you get it with just the practice


There was nothing new in the pen of my mind
As an ink for a paper of space to write on
Though there are inscriptions of memories and not a blank
But it's a matter of fact that I've found the pages torn

If you were not along with me dear
The life would have been incomplete
I would have gone through the dark
And yes, I would have gone discrete

A theory is there
In your head
As more you expect

Thou were innocent neither the guilty was I
Thou have gone early and I was left to weep

I stand near thy grave and sometimes cry

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Shamsul Husain lives in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh, India) . He has been writing articles, quotations and poetry for a long time and attached with this website too. He is presently working with Irrigation Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a well-qualified one in Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Higher Education.)

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Nominal Woman

Why should we be molested in the name of help?
Why should we be thought at the helpless ends?
Why is it so only with us in this immortal world?
Perhaps, we are the girl child and we are women

Someone praises the hair, the lips, and our beauty
For many others, we are lives and their true loves
We are in the names of mothers and sisters too
And we are sometimes placed only in brothels

Working with them we have so much stress here
Our hearts are broken and we are distressed here
But we struggle and rise to live a life and go ahead
We are phenomenal but now we are nominal here

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'We forget only those things which we really don't want to remember.'

'Why do we have a fear of death when all of us know that everyone has to die one day? '

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Shamsul Husain Popularity

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