shane bonter

Rookie (5 18 of 1990 / California)

Biography of shane bonter

Ive lived a life to my standards. I found early punk rock at a young age and growing up off of music like Joy division the cure and so many great bands of such wild times to count. i guess this is what has brought me my individuality.. im a big fan of robert frost and edgar allen poe. and of course the great gonzo writer hunter s thompson. aka dr. gonzo. Updates

Never Ending Depression

I feel so alone. this world has a way of breaking people. day in. day out. i feel just a little more ground down the the quick. i feel this dark feeling come over me. its cold and uncomfurtable. i feel cold these days. my mind has wandered from the flock. i have lost my ability to see things in a better shade of light. every thing is dim and it sca

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