Shane Engisch

Rookie [ArcaneX] (3/25/1989 / Lansing, MI)

Shane Engisch Poems

41. Secret Manuscript...I'M Dreaming? 10/22/2013
42. Writer's Block 10/22/2013
43. Existential 10/22/2013
44. Silhouette 10/22/2013
45. Walking The Night 10/22/2013
46. Mona Lisa 10/22/2013
47. Face 10/22/2013
48. Obverse Hellion 10/22/2013
49. Voids And Voices 10/22/2013
50. Doubt Is Nothing 10/22/2013
51. No Title 10/22/2013
52. Localization / Non-Localization 10/22/2013
53. 121 (The Beginning Of Something More) 10/22/2013
54. Wolf 10/22/2013
55. Taaffi (Part Ii) 10/22/2013
56. Berserker 10/22/2013
57. Fabric 10/22/2013
58. Hmm 10/22/2013
59. Dragon Eyes 10/22/2013
60. Meditate On This 10/22/2013
61. Real Guidance 10/22/2013
62. Seems So Slow Passing By 10/22/2013
63. My Sun 10/22/2013
64. Resurrect The Harmony 10/22/2013
65. Believe What You Will 10/22/2013
66. The Search 10/22/2013
67. Special Someone 10/22/2013
68. Can You See Me? 10/22/2013
69. Temporal Causality Loop (Can You See What I See?) 10/22/2013
70. Different Density 10/22/2013
71. Full Of It 10/22/2013
72. What We All Try To Do 10/22/2013
73. Anxiety's Hold 10/22/2013

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Best Poem of Shane Engisch

Anxiety's Hold

Even the greatest moments, calmest actions, most peaceful energy, would be unable to tear it off once it sticks
it winds you up for everything and causes one to just pace instead
Eyes get dizzy from observation of another's and can assimilate the same hold
Tension continues to escalate and bottling it up only makes the explosion imminent
No one likes it
Some look to escape through things that actually increase it
An insanity I've dealt with and still resisting
Depravity of vice while the resuscitation of life simultaneously reacts from one thought and act of will
It's ...

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Different Density

Thunder in the stomp and lightning in the palms
Heavy and dense, the collision is coming on
Strong surges coursing through as the motions expand the mass
Intimidation in the fierce force of augmentation beyond grasp

Remaining in stance against the currents of evil
A Stone in the flow of truth's retrieval
Erosion spreading essence through the seasons of ice and fire
Smoothing into perfection's quest and desire

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