Shane James

Rookie (Aug.24 1991 / Brooklyn, New York)

Biography of Shane James

It was one of those hot days, he really sweaty ones where you wish you were naked walking down the block. That hot day a teen named Natasha James gave birth to her second and most talented daughter Shane C. James......Shane was conceieved on August 24,1991 at Kings county hospital.......Her father was not there when she was conceieved because as always he was in jail........Instead her Uncle Anthony was there to support her mother.

Throughout m life I never had a relationship with my birth father he was always in jail but when he wrote letters they were always for my older sister so hroughout my life I have known another man that I call dad and thats my stepfaher who was always there for me when I needed he's all te dad I need.

Grownig up in school I was not popular I was bullied all the time noone ever liked me....I was always by myself sitting watching people in their different cliques leaving me out not paying me any attention. I was nothing to no one and still ammm.....

I'm 17 I've been through my first love and even though I thought our relationship was strong I was wrong because when a little girl came in the situation he changed on me.......I've been through heartbreak ALOTTTTTTT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! , and still face the fact that I'm just not pretty material but thats gonna cange soon I can feel it because I found god...........

I hope you people whose reading don't think Im conceeded Im more of a jokester lol hahahaha see silly lol Updates


Sick of all the chaos going on around her Haley is by herself as always.
Haley keep thinking someone will notice her.
She can't go to her family because they push her to they side.
She can't go to friends because the ones she do have only are concerned with themselves.
She try to turns to a psychiatrist but all they do is put her on medication.
She left her home but the shelter was full up.
No one to turn to literally.
She's stuck in this world of chaos and confusion and the only person

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