Shane Stebner

Rookie (10-24-1989 / Duluth, Minnesota)

Biography of Shane Stebner

Born in Duluth, Minnesota
Parents - Greg and Lisa Stebner
Moved to Superior, Wisconsin in 1995
Went to Great Lakes Elementary School
Parents Divorced
Lived With Mom 'Till 2001
Then went to Hermantown Middle School
Moved Back in With Mom 2003
Went to East Jr. High
Then Superior Middle School
Moved in With Grandparents
Went to Superior High School
Moved out
Graduated Hermantown High School
Going to Lake Superior College

Always been very interested in Computers (programming, troubleshooting, web design, etc...)
Photography - Updates

Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
The fun times we had
All those years ago
When we went with the flow

Do you remember?
How we used to be
Before life took us down
Now forced to frown

Do you remember?
How we thought it’d last forever
Now seeing the truth
Not existent in our youth

Do you remember?

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