Shaneka Taylor

Biography of Shaneka Taylor

My name is Shaneka Taylor I am 15 years old. I reside in New Orleans, Louisiana. I attend Joseph S. Clark High School and I am in the tenth grade. I have a GPA of a 3.4. I have 7 siblings. My mother is Mrs. Earnestine Moses. She is a bartender. My father is Mr. Reginald Moses. He is a dj, a dancer, and a manager. I am a proud writer. Thats all you need to know. Thanx. Updates


My hope for tommorrow is filled with sorrow
Getting fused at day after day.
Sometimes I wish it was the old time way.
Parents giving you the blues.
Drama or happiness which one will you chose.
School days to long.
Say Goodbye is my favorite song.

My hope for tommorrow is filled with pain.