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never say i love you
if you don't really care
never talk about feelings
if they aren't really there

i have a friend who is not mine,
whom i always praise after divine.
my life depends on him and will be so,
i always felt you were with me when i felt low.

no one can realise,
how much precious you are to me
if you are a smile
i would never lose a smile on my face

I myself don't know
when i placed you in my heart.
SINGLE moment spending without your thought
made me anxious

thinking of the moment
makes me mourn
feels like demonz spread on earth
and angelz have flown.

</></>where am i wrong?
trying to talk or trying to run away
either of the things don't take place
unable to make myself understand

you are out of my reach
but not out of my mind
you are out of my brain
but not out of my heart

love the person who loves you,
don't waste your feelings for the person
whose heart is unknown to you.
love is the most precious feeling

</></></>warmth of love
heart throbbing touches
those sms' chats
those online goosbumps

a girl is born
the doctor said
mom rejoiced
dad being to the seventh heaven

i never got what i dreamt
everytime my hopes came to an end
the more i dreamt
the more i lost

when a smile cost nothing,
why don't people smile.
a smile can talk
a smile can express

a relationship binds two soul together.
not merely to tie them together
but to set them free as feather
relations does not need any oppurtunity to prove

tears speak
what words can't speak
tears tell
what words can't tell

i will never blame you
for what you have done to me
it was in my fate
i will never blame you

what makes me write this write for you
what makes me word this word for you
a word of love
the word for love

the teardrops on my face
the bruises in my heart
the pain in my soul
makes me fall apart

</>hundreds of people i meet
hundreds of faces around me
hundreds of thoughts surrounds me
but in the crowd of many

life is a precious gift
so value it and live it to the fullest.
EXAMPLE isn't the best, but it is just the way
to tEach us that this is the way

in the crowd of people
i found one
different from all
just like me

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I feel so happy to express myself in the beautiful garland of poetic words :)

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Never Say I Love U

never say i love you
if you don't really care
never talk about feelings
if they aren't really there
never say you are going to
if you are not going to start
never hold my hand
if you have to go far
never look into my eyes
if all you tell is lies
never say hey'
if you really mean good bye'
never say forever
if you think to leave me ever..
forever makes me cry
as i fail everytime i try
to make you happy...

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