shaniqua parker

Rookie (hennepin county)

My Heart

My he@rt doesn't lie. It m@y misle@d me @ times. But @ le@st it's mine.
My he@rt does cry. It crys out te@rs when my eyes have tried.
My he@rt h@s @lot of sc@rs. They @re designed 2 look like st@rs. They try 2 he@l undiscovered.
My he@rt scre@ms 4 success. But @lw@ys end up f@iling import@nt love test.
My he@rt h@s died @ thous@nd times. cuz i @lw@yz fell 4 d@ wrong type of guyz.
My he@rt h@s lived through unbelieve@ble tr@gidies. But still my mind has control.
My he@rt argues w/ my m

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