shanker jwala

Rookie (4 Jan 1974 A.D. / Nepal, Kathmandu.)

Biography of shanker jwala

shanker jwala poet

He is a poet of nepal. He wrote many poems & lyrics.His 'pinjadako panchhi' lyrical book is most popular.He like simple living & high thinking. He wanted to know only honest & helpful man. He say life is gift of god so dont spent it.
His lyrics are very musicians r like to compose his lyrics proudly. He had released 3 pop & modern music is collected album.children's songs r also.His first musical album is 'Wishes'.which was most popular in 1993 a.d.

shanker jwala's Works:

1. Pinjadako Panchhi (lyrical poem)
2. Bhaw Tarang (musical album)
3. Wishes (musical album)
4. speed vol-1 (musical album)
5. Feature Film 'PAPI'
6. edited cine magazine (Pushpanjali monthly)
7. edited monthly magazine (Manoranjan) Updates

Oh Fren Dont Say Me Sex

Girls r see me point of view of sex
they want to concern me in sex
my body's structure is like a sexy
but i'm not also
my frens r chitting their lovely wifes
they involve in cabin & another colorfull places
they want both bare sex
sex, oh god....
whats a meaning of sex? they didnt realise

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