Shannan Christine Hunt

Biography of Shannan Christine Hunt

I'm Shannan <3 I'm taken. I have dimples. I love smileys. I'm a gamer. I love my family, friends, and God. I'm a baptist christian. I fart and laugh at it and could careless what you think. I have a passion for filmmaking, it's become a hobby. <3 I also love love LOVE photo comments <3 so leave me some. I care deeply for people. My favorite colour's orange. I love playing tennis. I have 2 piercing not including ears, my labret and monroe. I make up my own words, I can't spell worth a crap. I have a love for dinosaurs, plaid, and the stars. I still fit kids size shoes. Updates


when this year starts to get cold,
ill be the one walking in the snow.
watching over the moon at night,
knowing you see the same beautiful sight.
closing my eyes and seeing you,
knowing that you see me too.
running to you but you always seem so far,
like reaching out to grab a star.
closing your hands to pull it in,

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