Shannen Wrass

Rookie (Wisconsin)

Biography of Shannen Wrass

The poems on my page were written by a lonely 14 year old girl, who felt misunderstood by the rest of the world.

The best writing comes out when you find yourself broken. Your heart is ripped open and all the feelings spill out into a beautiful mess on paper. ~Shannen Wrass

Shannen Wrass's Works:

'The Girls' Book Of Friendship (Edited by Catherine Dee) ... 'The Perfect Friend'

Teen Magazine July 1995 issue 'The Perfect Friend' Updates

Time Out To Cry ©

All alone at the end of the day
The time, just a little past ten
Evening has come for a short stay
It’s time for her sorrow again
The smile on her face she’s been holding
Suddenly, she lets fall
And the feelings begin unfolding
She comes out of her personal wall
As the world settles down for the night

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