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Shannon Hart poet

I was born in Orange, NJ on a Saturday of 1980. My mother and father met in high school and were married a month after I was born. The years that followed were full of great times and sad times. I have lived in numerous states in the US from age 8 yrs old until I settled down for the last 15 years in North Carolina.
I have never followed all the rules when writing, because I feel it just flows the way its written.
Now married to, Whom is my King, Lyn. With a Prince, Kaelyn 14 and a Princess Lynasia, my hands are pretty full. My family are Royalty and we let each other know that.
Writing has been an outlet for me since I can remember. At 35 years old I decided it was time to start writing my poetry online for the world to share.
I write for all reasons and the main reason is life itself. There is nothing more complexed, yet beautiful, More dark, yet brighter,
More exciting, yet calmer,
Or more Enjoyable, yet Risky,
Than Life itself. Updates

He Loves Me

Eyes filled with tears.
Good ones of how God has carried me through the years.
Grateful for His Grace and Mercy.
Though I am not perfect,
He still loves me.
Even when I couldn't find anyone else who could understand.
My God was right there to hold my hand.
You just don't know my story,
About how God, My God has set my soul free.