Shannon Hughes

Rookie (October 19,1997 / Anaheim, California)

Biography of Shannon Hughes

Hmm ok I guess I’m writing another biography because the one I wrote yesterday for an HOUR decided not to save. Alright I guess I’ll start with a short version of the life story of Shannon Hughes. I was born in Anaheim, lived in HB with both parents until they split up when I was two, and moved into an apartment still in HB with my mom. In second grade we moved into the townhouse until she met Erik and we moved to Upland in fourth grade. They got married and then had my little sister Sabrina who is three now. Meanwhile Dad who still lived in HB got married to Jenny in Yosemite (and I was the girl-version of the ring-bearer) . Then Mom and Erik bought the house in the desert but I didn’t want to move up into the middle of nowhere so last year to my mom’s dismay I moved in with Dad and spent seventh grade in HB, which was awesome. I’m 12 now (the site wouldn’t let me on so I had to say I was 13) but I’ll be 13 in October so whatever. My mom is currently pregnant with my baby BROTHER (Agh! Why a boy! ?) . he’s due in November right at this exact moment I am at Mom’s house listening to Green Day and (obviously) writing my biography (# 2) . My attire is mostly jeans and assorted t-shirts, and I find myself wearing black more often than I used to. I’m a total nerd when it comes to school: science geek, math wiz, English… buff (?) , I’m even teacher’s pet in art class. My worst subject would have to be history (not including PE) , but even in that subject I still get A’s. I’m just too damn smart for my own good. So this is for a poetry site so I might as well talk about poetry. Rhyming I find annoying. My poems tend to be kind of long (as does anything else I write, example A being this biography) . I don’t have like 1,000 poems on here like some people because well truthfully I don’t have the patience. Hmm… what other useless information about me should I put in this useless biography? I really love plants, especially trees, especially conifers. My favorite tree is a Jeffrey pine, which looks like an average 3-needle conifer but it smells super strongly like vanilla. My second favorite tree is a sequoia, and my third is a ponderosa (they smell really sweet too, and they have puzzle-piece-like bark and 3 needles) , and my forth is a quaking aspen (they sound very awesome when the wind makes the leaves quake) . I know that you have no interest in my favorite trees but hey this is my rambling biography and not yours. You know what I’m just going to end this biography before you die of boredom if you are even reading this (which your not) . Updates


Angry waves crash against
The rocky cliffs as
Wind whips her face.
Endless choppy waters are as gray
As the stormy sky above,
Almost black.
Rain slaps her skin as it
Thunders to Earth in sheets.
The ocean shoots gushes
Of painful spray all around the treacherous scene.
This is her.
This is Stormgirl.

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