shannon long

Rookie (february 4th,1993 / berryville, AR)

Biography of shannon long

my name is shannon, i am sixteen years old.I live in a small town with my mother.My school mascott is huntsville eagles.I use to be a cheerleader in first grade i believe.I use to be in basketball my seventh grade year and played softball my eighth grade year.Im interested in all sports, poets, music, going to college, getting a good job that will get me in a curious future.I plan on being either a poet myself or a vet. Updates

I Dont Wanna Let You Go

It's amazing how far we've come.
Even though it took so long.
I never really had in mind.
how long you've been waiting all this time.

Seems like it was only yesterday.
But its just a flash back,
of our first time meeting each other.
How wonderful it must have been.

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