Shannon Nicole

Rookie (03-30-91 / Oak Park, IL)

Shannon Nicole Poems

41. Something Fake.. 12/30/2009
42. Past, Present, Future; It's This Lifetime. 12/30/2009
43. Just Wanted To Say Thanks.. 1/5/2010
44. Summer Of '09 1/7/2010
45. I'Ve Built Walls.... 1/7/2010
46. I Love You. 10/9/2009
47. In The Beginning 10/9/2009
48. The One Place That I Wish I Could Be. 1/10/2010
49. Just Something I Was Thinking About..[[eh.]] 1/10/2010
50. What Hurts The Most.. [[rip]] 1/10/2010
51. What's Going On..? [[about Three People.. =/ Can You Guess? ]] 1/13/2010
52. Up Until Now.. 1/14/2010
53. Security.. 1/15/2010
54. A Future To Look Forward To.. 1/17/2010
55. Something You Wouldn'T Really Expect.. 1/18/2010
56. How Do You Do It. 1/18/2010
57. Call Me Crazy.. 1/25/2010
58. Home Sweet Home. 2/4/2010
59. My Mind, My Heart, My Body. 2/8/2010
60. If Only, If Only. 2/10/2010
61. A Decision. [[finished]] 2/12/2010
62. Valentine's Day. 2/14/2010
63. And So I Write. 2/23/2010
64. Just Doesn'T Make Sense Anymore. 2/23/2010
65. I'M So Done With You Two. 2/25/2010
66. Can'T Wait For Eighth. 2/25/2010
67. Two Thoughts In One. 2/28/2010
68. ...Ah. 3/2/2010
69. Appearance..[[unfinished]] 3/7/2010
70. Sundays. 3/14/2010
71. I Could.. I'M Sorry... 3/14/2010
72. In Response To Your Words. 3/19/2010
73. It's Another One Of Those Days... 3/24/2010
74. Have You Ever....? 3/25/2010
75. Hey, Just Wanted To Tell You Somethin'. 3/28/2010
76. Three Thoughts? [[unfinished]] 3/29/2010
77. Matthew. [[unfinished]] 4/3/2010
78. Long Day, No Sleep. 4/6/2010
79. There's This.. 5/18/2010
80. I Love It... 11/11/2007

Comments about Shannon Nicole

  • Maya Hanson (1/9/2014 10:14:00 AM)

    I like And So I Write a lot! original and I think a lot of us agree with what you're saying. nice to know there are other younger people who write... :)

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  • DEAD PLEASURES (11/17/2007 9:53:00 AM)

    A prodigy!
    At only 16

Best Poem of Shannon Nicole

A Father Figure...

Usually a father figure would be someone that cares,
Obviously..Mine does not.
He'll visit once a month,
Not even that.
He questions why we'd want to speak to him,
Instead of saying 'I miss you.'
If we cry,
He just look right passed us,
And smile at his new wife and new kids.

A real father figure would look at his children with worry,
And just about dropp everything to know what's on their mind.
A real father figure would smile and tell his kids how proud he is,
Even if all we did was get a B on a homework assignment.
A real father figure would...

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I'll try to be happy
I'll try to smile
But if this promise is broken
I am sorry!
I cannot help that I'm numb
Full of broken hearts and tears
I'm trying to show that my emotions are frozen
And see who can heal me
Let me be able to see the happiness, Love contains

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