shannon willner

Rookie (april 17 1985 / fayetteville)

Biography of shannon willner

im 24 years of age i have a 4 month old and a great husband who i love so much. alot of my poems are about me and things i have been through and some i write when i am to myself and just feel like writing i hope everyone likes them and mabe someone can relate.i think a great poem is one that comes from the heart i dont need long words that i cant even say to make a great poem just me and my own poems are expressions of love, hate, sadness every emotion i have it helps when im down or when i have noone to talk to. writing makes me feel free of the troubled world we live in today! Updates

Lost Father

he will never say im there
never be able to say i care
as i grow and change through the years
i will never know what it is like
to be daddys little girl with my father by my side
my father was different
cruel and lost in a mind
that could never see a better light
satan took him over he took my father

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