shantel nichols

Biography of shantel nichols

Well i'm 15 and my names Shantel i want to grow up to become a writer. If you don't like my poems please dont be really mean. If you do thank you!

I'm really shy at times, but my style is punk and i love bright colors. I don't let ppl give me crap. And i'm very uniqe! ! ! Updates

Super Sonic Batman

Your my super sonic batman, my one and only love.
I'll never feel so lonlely, even when your up above.
Your my super sonice batman, to whom i choose to love.
Soon enough you'll save me with your delighted love.
Your my super sonic batman, you i do adore, my heart feels like its soating high, in the wide open anglic sky.
Your my super sonic batman, your who i choose to dream.
You never seem so far away though it seems for me.
Your my super sonic batman, you i'll always love.....

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