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so I've read a couple of poems on poem hunters and got alil inspired to write my own. I am a 19 year old girl who's very outspoken but at times doesn't know how to express herself the way I want to.I love to write most of my poems were written at the moment & published some day I wanna get to write my very own book, I'm quite found of my imagination and hopefully you'll like my poems =) Updates


why would u say u love me?
why would u break my heart?
why even have the nerve 2 say sorry?
why wasnt i jus enuff 2 keep u happy?
why would u say I love u if u didnt mean it?
why would u hurt someone u say u love?
why would u, wen i would NEVER?
WHY waste our time & why would u put me thru pain?
Now u ask urself why i Left u & il ask myself why i still care =/

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