Sharlotte Wallace

Rookie - 25 Points (July 15,1994 / Calgary)

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Sharlotte Wallace poet

My name is Shar.
And when ever someone sees me i have a writing utensil in my hand. Even walking down the street I'm playing with either a pencil or a pen. I'm always thinking about what i can make better or perfect, but i ain't no perfectionist. My room is actually pretty messy, if i were a perfectionist i wouldn't skateboard cause you might get dirty. I don't care about getting dirty I'll play in the mud. As you can tell i ain't no girly girl, i do not wear makeup but sometimes i have to cause people want me to.My hair color is Black and my eyes are Blue, so yeah fear me lol.
And yeah i love to fight, fighting for what i believe in fighting for the people i love. Fighting for anything that makes sense and that is the truth. Or fighting just for the hell of it.
But i am also a lover, i'm totally in love with this one boy. Some poems i wrote awhile ago like in June was of a boy who broke up with me for idk. but there was no tears. Because i guess i didn't love him for if he makes me cry then he was not my true love.
Anyways, i guess thats really all i have to say or can think of. But remember 'Never give in, Never give up, and Never back down.' Updates


Every night i wanna
cry, and wanna forget
you but i can not.
All this love i had for
you is still here.
I always seem to
ask for you or send
you mail but it
always comes
back to sender.
Have you forgot
Me? I Feel so
alone but what
can i do, it has
always been this
way for me.


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